In July of 2013, we found it necessary to seek assistance in the care of Beverly Link, my mother-in-law, due to health problems. We utilized an agency in Florida and then, when she moved in with us, we were blessed to find Marian Samura.
Over the course of time, several wonderful women helped us in Bev's care, but none had the compassion, the drive and motivation of Marian Samura. Most considered Bev's care primarily a job, however, Marian considered it her passion. She became Bev's friend, confidant, and for us, a comfort. We knew when Bev was with Marian, we could rest assured she was in the best hands possible.
Marian was Bev's companion, driving her to and from her favorite thrift stores, other shopping trips or simply taking her for a ride so she could experience a change of scenery. Due to her medical condition, Bev could not be left alone. While Brad, her son, and I accepted that challenge, we found we were falling into the rut of twenty-four hour care. Marian cheered us. She encouraged us at some of our darkest times. She told us we were doing a good job. In effect, she not only took care of Bev, she took care of us too. Soon she felt like family.
Once, when Brad was experiencing medical problems and needed to go to the hospital, it was Marian I phoned. She came right over, despite the late hour. She dropped everything and readily came to our aid when otherwise we would have had to awaken Bev and take her with us. Marian always went that extra mile. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done.
Not only was Marian our cheerleader, she was Bev's. When Bev wanted to fall into a routine of sleep and non-exercise, Marian got her motivated in ways that we (as family members) could not do. Marian made sure her physical therapy was performed, she urged Bev to walk to keep her muscles strong and did so in such a friendly way, Bev readily agreed.
In January Bev moved to an assisted living home, but Marian continues to check on her and care for her. Money is not her motivation, love is. Marian is a remarkable person. If ever the time comes that Brad or myself are in need of such care, we hope to find such a loving, trusting, hardworking soul such as Marian Samura.

Bridget M.

March 15, 2015

This is a letter to give my heartiest recommendation to Gisele Onga Nana, and the Global Home Care. My mother was visiting Vienna, VA from California when she unexpectedly experienced a ruptured appendix. She had emergency surgery and was very sick.

I live in Boston and I needed to find help for my mother while she was recuperating without me. So I went to the Internet to begin a search. I called 4 agencies based on the quality of the write-ups and description of services. Gisele was the most prompt in her reply. She was the most professional and she was, frankly, the nicest of anyone I spoke with. I explained that I needed someone to help my mother 24 hours a day for several days and then 12 hours during the day, after that. Gisele was amazing. As my mother arrived from the hospital, Gisele was waiting at the front door with the aide, Justine. Gisele stayed to get everyone settled and then Justine went to work. She attended to my mothers every need. Medication, meals, everything.

Fatima came during the day. My mother called her a "special angel." They shared stories and over the course of more than a week became friends. On her last day of care, they took a picture together which my mother has since framed. My mother told me that Fatima had a wonderful heart.

So, I just can't say enough good about this terrific agency. I've never met Gisele or her "angel" helpers in person, but I can say they came to the rescue at a very difficult time. It's not often you find such good people, who also are very skilled at what they do.

Jane C.

May 17, 2016

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