Trust a Reliable Nurse With In-Home Care

Trust a Reliable Nurse With In-Home Care

The nurses of Global Home Care give LPN care in Northern Virginia

Are you trying to find a balance between the care of a medical facility and the familiarity and independence of home? You can find an in-home care solution with Global Home Care. We provide licensed practical nurse (LPN) care services in the Northern Virginia area.

Learn what an LPN can do for you

Our dedicated professionals will tailor home health care services to your needs. To discuss specific health care requirements, call 703-279-6588 now.

You can rely on our LPNs to:

  • Monitor vital signs
  • Give medication
  • Assist with physical therapy

LPN care also includes skilled nursing, such as wound dressing and tube feeding. We'll tailor our care to your needs or those of a loved one. If you need home health care while recovering from surgery, for example, we'll assist you as you regain mobility. If your child needs medical care, we can provide that, too.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you. We accept both Medicaid and private pay.